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Storm Damage

St. Louis Premier Roofing is the leading provider of storm damage services in the area. With years of experience repairing, maintaining, and replacing roofs for both residential and commercial establishments, more and more people are turning to St. Louis Premier Roofing for help in keeping roofing systems effective against any kind of weather disturbance. Our storm damage specialists pride themselves in giving the best solution for various roofing problems homeowners have.

Destructive Storms

Storms can be destructive to roof systems

Storms and hurricanes are calamitous weather disturbances that are both fatal and costly. The most prominent example being Hurricane Katrina in 2005. This strong hurricane, combined with a Category 5 storm, destructed a large part of the United States, with the most damages seen in coastal areas. The good news is that hurricanes like this are a rare occurrence. People should be more prepared to endure constant storms that are brought about by the northeast and southwest monsoons that are also potentially damaging especially among roofing systems that are not well maintained.

Reduce Damage

Strong winds and heavy rain cause roofing systems to falter and weaken

At this era of unpredictable weather brought about by the changing climate conditions, it is of utmost importance to take care of roofs and to prevent damage as much as possible. Nevertheless, if roof damages still happen after the necessary precautions, then it is probably wise to have it checked early before the damage gets worse. Storm damage is one such roofing damage that is perennial among a majority of homes in the country. Residential areas that experience rains for a longer period of time in one calendar year should spend wisely to keep their roofing systems as storm-resistant as possible.

This can be achieved by making sure that all shingles are intact, that the flashing are in place and are attached to the roof itself by a reliable brand of adhesive, and that there is a non-porous material lining the roof so that moisture will not be able to penetrate the inner portion of the roofing structure.

Importance of Repair

Repair right away to prevent futher damage

When previous signs of damage go unchecked, continuous rainfalls will make the shingles and roof tiles ineffective, causing water to leak inside the roofing system. This will eventually damage the whole structure since moisture and continuous flow of rain water to the roof weaken the very foundation of the roofing system.

In addition to this, homes that have prior storm damage and were not fixed right away are 50% less efficient than roofs that are amply fixed right after a storm damage was discovered. This is because the damage is usually related to water intrusion that may bring up a plethora of other problems such as mold infestation. Mold infestation, in particular, is very difficult to solve since the mold could spread a wide portion of the roofing system. Not fixing signs of storm damage gives more time for moisture to seep into the inner portions of the roof and thus it damages a much greater area and will definitely cost more money.

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