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For roof replacement in St. Louis, trust no one else but St. Louis Premier Roofing. We are proud of our professional contractors who are certified in every aspect of roofing repair, replacement, and renovation. They are well able to fix every roofing problems that homeowners may encounter. Moreover, the company uses only the best and the latest products and technology available in the market to create wonderful roofing results each time. With the skills of our professional contractors, the length of time needed to finish a roofing job is dramatically decreased. St. Louis Premier Roofing definitely the best company to work with regard any roofing problem.

When to Replace

Extensive damage may require roof replacement

Roofing replacement is one of the most expensive roofing procedures that a homeowner will encounter. Good thing, replacement of roofs is done only when the roofing system sustains great damage such as in the case of a devastating hailstorm or typhoon or when the roof shingles are way past its life span. By that time, it will take a couple more decades before another roof replacement job is required.

There are various replacement needs, depending on the extent of the damage and what needs to fixed and replaced. The more important question with regard replacement of roofing is how to detect if the home is in need of roof replacement. For starters, if any of these signs of damage is present in your home right now, this might be the right time to have your roof replaced:

Sagging Solid Decking

Repair right away to prevent any further damage from happening

This is made of hard wood and is used to cover the whole area of the roof. The decking collapses due to moisture present in the roof over an extended period of time or by rain water permeating the roof surface due to damaged shingles. This is one major roof problem and should be addressed by a professional roofing contractor right away to prevent any further damage from happening.

Extensive Water Leaks

Require repair immediately to prevent further damage.

Water leaks happen when the shingles, the underlayment, and the decking are damaged. This is most common among households that have been devastated by hail storms. When water leaks are present, numerous roofing problems will surface soon and will make it prone to a host of other issues.

Multiple Shingle Damage

Weather is the main reason why shingles get damaged

Apart from the life span of shingles, weather is the main reason why shingles get damaged. Hail storms, typhoons, and strong winds either blow off the shingles or create permanent damage on them. When more than 45% of the roof shingles are damaged or blown off during a typhoon, a complete roof replacement is already needed.

Replacement of roofing is one important aspect of home repair and maintenance. Call a roofing contractor now and see if your home is in need of such service. Lesser roof damages mean cheaper rates for roof replacement so do not wait for further damage to occur before having your roof replaced.

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