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With the more democratic way of buying and selling products online, composite slate, roof tiles, and shingles are made available in online stores. A lot of people also go to brick and mortar stores in order to see the wide array of roofing products being sold. Buying these products and installing it yourself may be a more affordable way to get new roofing. However, this comes with several disadvantages as enumerated and explained below:


Doing it yourself can be unsafe

Roofing jobs may seem like a piece of cake when done by professional contractors. When they are up the roof installing shingles, repairing hail-damaged roofing, or replacing missing roof tiles, everything seems so easy. However, the job is more difficult than what most people think. Moreover, the roof is one of the most dangerous places to work in. There have been numerous reports about people slipping off the roof while repairing cracks and leaks. This may lead to body injuries that range from broken bones to serious body trauma.

This is the reason why a lot of people are warned to just hire a roof contractor if they really have no skills or prior experience with roofing jobs. This will not only save them precious time, it will also ensure the safety of everyone.


Roof installation is time-consuming work

Unlike other DIY projects that may be left unfinished at the garage, roofing cannot be postponed until the next weekend comes. With roof installation, the whole process must be finished in less than a day to avoid costly repair. For larger roof areas, more people need to work on it simultaneously in order to finish the job within a day. That said, roof installation is definitely not a DIY project that can be done by hobbyists looking for new activities to work on. It is better off left to the professionals.

Mediocre work

Without proper training you may end up with a mediocre roofing job

A lot of do-it-yourself projects are rated in terms of difficulty and roofing installation is one of the projects wherein people have to think twice before doing it. Without proper training and experience with regard installing roofing products, the DIY project may turn out to be a mediocre roofing job. This will eventually cause a lot of problems in the future such as roofing leaks, mold and mildew infestation, and moisture penetration.

Roof installation normally costs more than simply buying the product and installing it yourself. But this is definitely one of the few investments that homeowners need to put their money into. A well made roofing system will deter roof damages and keep the family safe and sound whatever the weather may be.

St. Louis Premier Roofing is the leader in roof installation projects within St. Louis. Our staff of professional contractors are able to fix every any and all roofing problems that homeowners may encounter. Also, we use only the latest technology available to make the job easier and faster and this dramatically reduces the length of time needed to finish the roof installation. St. Louis Premier Roofing definitely the best company to work with regard any roofing problem.

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