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Roof Damage

Roof damage happens to everyone's property. Even the best materials undergo wear and tear process and this is what corrupts its sterling qualities.


Weather Related Roof Damage

Typhoons, hailstorms, microbursts, dry thunderstorm, derechos, not to mention natural wear and tear—all these may possibly cause roof damage. These are all natural occurrences that may not be altered or controlled by people. In this light, there is certainly no chance to avoid being hit by typhoons or thunderstorms. The only way around is to prepare for it and to fortify your roofing systems to minimize damage.

Lack of Maintenance

Roof Damage due to lack of maintenance

Proper roof maintenance is important if you want to prevent roof damage. However, there are instances when random roof damage still happens even with regular maintenance. Hailstorms and typhoons are among the most common reasons why damaged roofing is prevalent across the country. The second most cited reason is moisture and mold infestation. But whatever the reason is, roof damage needs to be fixed as soon as possible to prevent further damage from increasing your roof repair cost.

Flashing Problems

Roof damage due to flashing problems

Roof flashing is a material used to cover roof joints and prevent water from seeping into the roof system. Flashing is typically made with durable material such as asphalt, rubber, aluminum, and even plastic. But even with the use of these durable materials, flashing is still subject to wear and tear. This will ultimately lead to various problems such as roof leaks.

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