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Hail Damage

Hail Damage Basics

Hail is hugely damaging

Hail is a hugely damaging weather disturbance with damaged properties amounting to millions of dollars every year. In July 20, 2009 alone, approximately $767 was lost to a tragic hailstorm that swept Denver Metro. This happened in only one day and is a record weather disturbance up until this time. And since this weather-related phenomenon is a natural occurrence, the government can do very little to prevent this from happening.

Hail comes in different sizes—the smallest being the size of a marble while the larger ones are about the size of a golf ball. The size of hail particles is wholly determined by a natural cycle of updrafts and there is no way to determine whether a hailstorm is likely to produce big or small hail. Nevertheless, whatever the size of hail, it may bring damage to the roof but the larger hail poses more severe damage to roofing systems due to its size and impact. Luckily though, hailstorms with large hail pieces are becoming less often now. But people can still do various steps to mitigate the devastating effects of hailstorms on property.

Property Damage

How Does Hail Damage Property?

Hail doesn't only damage roofs. It is also possible to damage sidings, windows, automobiles, and porches since hailstorms are coupled with winds that change the direction of the hail. But more often than not, hail damages roofing because it is the widest horizontal plane that can be found in a house and so it gets hit by the most number of hail during the storm. Imagine hail being created 30,000 feet above the ground. This mass gets pulled down by gravity with velocity reaching up to 150 miles per hour. By the time that it hits a spot in the ground, or hits a roof, the surface hit has to endure great impact that commonly results to cracks and missing roof shingles. Through the years, homeowners in cities commonly hit by hailstorms have learned to protect themselves from expensive roof repair jobs by getting home insurance. But due to the large number of claims, many insurance companies have also lowered down their damage claims for these kind of weather phenomenon. This is when roof contractors come in.

Minimizing Damage

Minimizing Hail Damage

With a fortified roofing system that is more resistant to hail damage, homeowners see less damage in their roofs and thus, less demands for insurance claims. Homeowners also notice that a lot of people who have invested in protecting their roofing systems spend less money in the long run compared to spending for home insurance. However, insuring the home against natural phenomena is a prerequisite and should not be taken for granted by the homeowner.

Hailstorms cannot be prevented but roofing contractors such as St. Louis Premier Roofing may help in preventing roofing systems from being damaged completely by hail. With constant maintenance and repair of minor defects on the roof, homeowners can prevent larger, more costly damages from happening in the future.

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