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St. Louis Premier Roofing is one of the leading suppliers of quality roofing services in the St. Louis area. We provide a full range of residential and commercial roof repair and replacement services, as well as, hail and storm damage assessment, framing, wind-proofing, tarping, and gutter and vent repairs. Our teams of fully licensed, insured, experienced professionals guarantee high quality workmanship delivered on schedule and on budget.

St. Louis Premier Roofing is a locally owned and operated company with 27 years of roofing and construction experience. Over the years we’ve earned our customers’ lasting trust. From inspection, through coordination of insurance coverage, to selection of materials, project management and installation, St. Louis Premier Roofing has developed the reputation for delivering unparalleled customer service.

St. Louis Premier Roofing maintains the highest standards of safety and industry accreditations, and we always put respect for our customers and their property first.

A top-rated roofing contractor in St. Louis, MO

St. Louis Premier Roofing is the leading roofing service company in St. Louis that offers various products and services such as roof repair, replacement of roofing shingles (i.e. tile and metal shingles), repair of hail and storm damage, and roof tarping. Our contractors may also be called to "wind-proof" roofs and to repair gutters. While most of these services revolve around common residential roofing problems, St. Louis Premier Roofing also extends the same services to commercial and industrial entities operating in the area. Professional contractors handle these roofing projects so business owners can be assured that the roofing job that is being done is of great quality.

Great Service, Affordable Prices

There are many roofing jobs that can be done by our licensed and experienced contractors who offer great services at very affordable prices. Operating with the goal of serving the whole area of St. Louis and being the top-rated roofing contractor in the area, we combine the double virtue of quality service and cost-effective pricing to make our products and services available to the households of St. Louis. Definitely, there is no greater value for money than the deals offered by St. Louis Premier Roofing.

Our Services

The roof is a very important part of the home

This protective segment makes the house resistant to various elements among which weather is the most common example. It keeps people safe and sound inside the home while warding off rain, sun, wind, hail, and other weather-related phenomena. Arguably, this is the most battered part of the home as it is subjected to harmful and damaging elements the whole year round which explains the need for constant maintenance and repair of the roofing system.

Prevent greater damage and cost through regular maintenance

Since it is subjected to wear and tear for its round-the-clock service, a lot of homeowners must set aside a yearly budget for maintaining their roofing systems. The roof needs to be properly maintained to ensure efficiency in protecting the house each and every time. Maintenance is also required to prevent bigger damages from happening as this will typically cost more money than multiple minor repairs.

Avoid roof replacement by scheduling regular maintenance

Unfortunately, not a lot of people realize how important roof repair and maintenance is. People think it is normal to call roofing contractors for major roofing jobs but not for roof maintenance. This is the kind of outlook that contractors such as St. Louis Premier Roofing hopes to change among residents of the St. Louis area and neighboring towns. Their professional contractors start with educating residents about the effects of not scheduling regular roof and maintenance jobs—emphasizing on the more salient matters such as money and inconvenience. By doing this, more and more people get to know the benefits that maintenance jobs bring. People begin to appreciate how paying minute amounts of money bi-monthly is wiser than spending thousands of dollars for a roof replacement after a year. All of these realizations start with the education of the people and consequently, their empowerment to make a practical decision for themselves and for the rest of the family.

Roof Repair

Prevent greater damage by repairing your roof when needed

Although maintenance is said to prevent roofing repairs, at certain occasions, repairs are also needed. Roof repair is the best way to stay clear of buckets used to catch water dripping from the ceiling and to keep the roofing system free from any moisture and molds that may lead to greater damages in the long run. Whenever roof maintenance is deemed not enough, homeowner must make sure that a qualified roofing contractor is called right away to do the repair.

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Roof Replacement

Replacement may be needed when your roofing system has sustained great damage

Roofing replacement is one of the most expensive roofing procedures that a homeowner will encounter. Good thing, replacement of roofs is done only when the roofing system sustains great damage such as in the case of a devastating hailstorm or typhoon or when the roof shingles are way past its life span. By that time, it will take a couple more decades before another roof replacement job is required. There are various replacement needs, depending on the extent of the damage and what needs to fixed and replaced. The more important question with regard replacement of roofing is how to detect if the home is in need of roof replacement. For starters, if any of these signs of damage is present in your home right now, this might be the right time to have your roof replaced.

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Roof Tarping

Tarping can help protect your roof from further damage until it can be repaired

Roof tarping has almost been synonymous with blue roofs and emergencies in various states of America. In fact, in 2005 the US Army Corps of Engineers installed roof tarps in thousands of residences affected by Hurricane Katrina. This was done in order to prevent further damage to various residential and commercial structures in New Orleans and nearby cities. Aside from hurricanes, homeowners also use tarps to protect their residences from rain leaks during regular typhoons. The widespread use of tarps only prove one thing: it is the primary band-aid solution for many residential roof problems.

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Our Excellence is Qualified by the Company We Keep

Our affiliations, partnerships and certifications help guarantee that your relationship with St. Louis Premier Roofing and the use of Gaco roofing products is a positive experience that gives you a sense of security and adds value to your property.

St. Louis Premier Roofing embodies excellence in customer trust by setting and meeting high standards for ourselves and our work. We are proud of our continued “A” Rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Angie's List is the most trusted business rating website in the country. The site rates local businesses throughout the U.S. based on customer reviews, recommendations and overall satisfaction grades on price, quality, responsiveness, punctuality and professionalism. St. Louis Premier Roofing is one Angie's List's top-rated roofing contractors in the St. Louis area.

Demand Professional Standards

Roofing contractors who are not licensed are often unfamiliar with local building and zoning codes and are usually unable to obtain required building permits or schedule mandatory inspections. If your roofing job does not have the proper permits or does not comply with building and zoning codes, you may be ordered to repair the work that has been done or even remove the job completely. In addition, because unlicensed contractors aren't concerned with complying with professional standards, they often lack vital training, are less experienced, and are not qualified to do certain types of work. You could end up with an incomplete or a low-quality roofing job, and your business could face major financial consequences and possible safety hazards.

St. Louis Premier Roofing is thoroughly licensed and meets all professional qualifications to perform work in both Missouri and Illinois. Our licenses and certification documents are on file and available to our customers.

When you have an un-insured contractor doing work on your property you put yourself and your business at significant financial liability. You run the risk of costly lawsuits, sky-rocketing medical or property damage bills, an increase in your insurance costs, or even cancelation of your insurance policy.

St. Louis Premier Roofing is, and has been throughout our 27-year history, fully insured. Our liability and workers’ compensation insurance documents are on file and open to inspection at your request.

During its 60 years of operation IKO has grown to become one the world’s largest producers of commercial and residential roofing and waterproofing products. For decades they have set the industry standards for superb quality and world class service. IKO and St. Louis Premier Roofing’s shared commitment to quality craftsmanship has made them perfect partners and IKO is our preferred supplier of roofing materials. IKO has recognized St. Louis Premier Roofing’s high level of professionalism and industry excellence by awarding us their ShieldPRO plus+ Professional Roofing Contractor certification.

Customer Care Commitment

At St. Louis Premier Roofing our goal is to not only provide you with an expertly installed high quality roof, but to also deliver a worry-free, safe and non-disruptive experience throughout the entire project. Following these few simple guidelines we call our Customer Care Commitment helps ensure a successful installation.

Before Construction

  • We always practice safety comes first on the job site, but we can enhance our practices to address your specific safety requests. Please notify us during the project planning process of any special concerns that you may have regarding children, elderly residents, pets, etc.
  • Prior to the start of construction we take steps to cover and protect your outdoor plants and landscaping. Just let us know if there are any especially delicate plants or shrubs that are in the direct path of falling debris or construction materials and we will take extra precautions regarding those areas.
  • As part of the old roof removal and new construction process the walls of your house may vibrate. You can take preventative action to protect items inside your home. Check any hanging artwork, antiques, mirrors, etc. for stability and remove them from the walls if you have any concerns, and secure any other unstable items.
  • Dust, dirt and debris often fall inside the attic during construction. Cover or remove any items in the attic that may get dirty or damaged during construction.
  • Prior to the start of the job and during construction we will let you know if we encounter any existing structural concerns. We will point out and offer recommendations concerning any visible problems such as sagging rafters, bowed walls, cracked plaster, nail pops, rotted or weather damaged areas, etc.

During Construction

  • We take pride in our on-the-job-site safety record, and we comply with all OSHA safety regulations.
  • We always respect your property and your belongings and take extra measures to protect them throughout the construction process.
  • We take extra steps to maintain a clean and organized work site. We remove and dispose of construction debris during the day and at the end of each work day.
  • We keep our tools and materials neatly organized and out of the way.

After Construction

  • We remove all tools, materials and debris from your property immediately after construction is complete, and perform a thorough clean inspection.
  • We remove all landscaping and plant protection materials at the end of the job.
  • We sweep your lawn and any area near the construction site with our magnetic scanner to collect and remove any nails and metal debris left during the construction process.

Please let us know if we can help you with any pre-construction preparation of your property or return of your property to normalcy after the job is complete. We will be happy to assist with any reasonable request. If there are any additional concerns, or ways to make this project a better experience, please let us know. Thank you!

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